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Botox Wrinkle InjectionsBotulinum Toxin (AKA Botox Cosmetic®) is one of the most recognized plastic surgery procedures available.  It works beautifully for the right areas when performed by the right person. Boston cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Spiegel has published a number of articles on the topic and is an expert at giving patients a natural, smooth look. Dr. Spiegel conducts both male and female Botox®  injections.

Botox® works best for “dynamic wrinkles” – those that deepen when you squeeze a muscle. Good examples include horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows, some neck bands, and crow’s feet. Some wrinkles that we’d like to get rid of are caused by muscles that are too important to paralyze, so Botox can’t erase every facial line. But, in the right situation it is easy and safe. A very small amount of the solution is injected directly into the problem muscles. Over the next 3 – 5 days the muscle weakens, often with a dramatic softening of the overlying wrinkles. A small bruise (from the needle) is typically the worst thing that could happen immediately, and isn’t very common.

Are you male interested in Botox injections? Here is some additional information:

What is the difference between Botox and facial fillers?

If you go to a skilled physician, the most common side effect will be the need for a “touch up” or small bruise.  A novice physician could place the medicine into the wrong muscle, or use the wrong concentration of medicine causing it to spread to a muscle that you don’t want weakened. For example, an eyelid muscle could weaken and a mild droopy eyelid or eyebrow could occur. An experienced doctor places the smallest effective amount of medicine into just the right spots. Of course, some people need a stronger dose than do others so if the minimum amount doesn’t work; you go back for more next week. (It’s better to go back for more than risk getting too much and having a droop.) In order to be certain that the medicine stays in the right spot you may be asked not to rub or massage the injected areas for four hours.

The best and worst thing about Botox® is that it’s temporary. If you don’t like the results, it wears off in around 3 months; if you love it, you need to do it again in around 3 months. Actually, it seems that people who regularly receive Botox® find that the interval between treatments lengthens – even up to 6 months. Because it is expensive to prepare and purify the medication treatments can be expensive. Prices range from $375 – $900 and up depending upon the number of areas treated.Botox Injection Treatment

Some of the “side effects” of BoTox wrinkle injections have turned out to be great new uses for the medication. Researchers in California noticed that some of their patients with migraine headaches who received Botox® for forehead wrinkles had a dramatic improvement in their headaches. In one study, nearly 80% of migraine sufferers said that the number or severity of their headaches had been cut in half. In fact, more than 50% of the study participants stopped having any headaches for three months or longer! (Just think, look better AND feel better!) Even excessive sweating can be greatly reduced by Botox® injection directly into the overactive sweat glands. All of this has been very exciting for physicians who are continuing to find new applications for this miracle “poison”.

Recently, Medicis began offering their own “version” of botox called Dysport®.  Dysport is the same product as “botox” – it is just reconstituted a little differently.  However, patients have stated that they notice the result has only taken 2-5 days to take effect (compared to Botox’s 4-7 days) and the results have lasted a bit longer.

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