Mole Removal

There are many reasons to remove an unwanted mole-it has changed shape, size, or color or you just don’t like the way it looks.  Either way, Dr. Spiegel can discuss the risks and methods involved in removing the mole or lesion during an office visit.   During the procedure, the area around the mole or skin tag is numbed and depending on the type of mole and its size, the mole is either cut away and the area is stitches together or left open to heal on its own.  A raise mole may even be “scraped away” to reduce its appearance.  Either way, there is little recovery or update following the procedure other than, keeping the area clean and protected from the sun.

Mole Removal Procedure

Removal of some moles, lesions and skin tags may be covered by insurance.  Contact our office to set up a consultation and our office will be happy to assist you finding out more from your insurance company regarding your options.

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